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FarrelJoseph E. Farrell, DO, FAOBOS

Fellowship Trained, Board Certified
Subspecialty - Sports Medicine and Trauma

Joseph Farrell, DO, is Board Certified in Orthopedic Surgery and an alumnus of Villanova University. He graduated from PCOM (Phila. College of Osteopathic Med). His residency in Orthopedic Surgery was completed at Walter Reed Army Med Center, in Washington, DC. An interest in Sports Medicine took him to Virginia where he completed a fellowship at the Engh Institute ( now the Anderson Clinic) in that sub specialty. Subsequently, he joined Reconstructive Orthopedics in his home town (Mt Holly) with its founder, Dr Marcel Schulmann. He has remained there since.

His primary interest is helping people get better, often avoiding surgery. Sports Medicine, especially with seasoned athletes, is his surgical specialty with trauma being a natural adjunct. His most valuable skill is the diagnosis and (often) repair of elusive knee and shoulder problems. Arthroscopic knee surgeries are his most common surgical procedures with rotator cuff repairs and fractures about the shoulder, frequent as well, with minimal incision techniques used routinely.

Trauma, remains the other half of his practice, especially fractures of the shoulder, clavicle, hip, femur, tibia and patella, along with tendon tears of the elbow, shoulder and knee. Regarded as an excellent communicator and diagnostician, Dr. Farrell brings nearly 30 years of experience and many excellent specialty trained partners into consideration at each patient visit.

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